Saturday, November 18, 2006


Just thought I´d compile a few good links to sites on sweatshops, globalism, fair trade, etc. As I´m sure would be a goal for just about everyone, I would like to try to purchase products that are sourced from companies that are "sweatfree" (i.e. do not use sweatshops, unfair work conditions, etc.). Alternatively, I would like to avoid purchasing from "evil" :) companies.

When I started looking into this issue, though, I discovered that a) the issue is more complex than initially meets the eye and b) it´s a little difficult to determine exactly which products to buy as well as what other actions can be taken. There are definitely a number of brilliant sites which have so much valuable information and details as to what can be done. However many have a region focus (i.e. might only be valid mainly for the US or Australia, etc. in regards to which products to buy).

So, below I´ve provided the sites that I have found useful in both education regarding issues as well as specifics for various regions. This is just an initial draft which I hope to update and refine over time. Ideally one day there will be a searchable database of the "good guys" and the "bad guys" on a global basis, but as per yet I have not found such a global site.


global exchange contains a vast array of knowledge. The link 'An Easy Introduction to the Global Economy' is very useful.

maquila solidarity provides an education page.

has a nice brief overview of why sweatshops exist.

Details regarding where to shop
The following links provide specific details regarding which companies from which products can be bought if attempting to go sweatfree.

Sweatshop Watch provides a list of companies.

sweatfree's list of anti-sweatshop organiz(s)ations. This is a really inclusive sight. Some of the links below are repeated here except the ones listed here are a bit more specific in general (i.e. takes you to the organisation's list of sweatfree companies,etc.)

Fairwear's shopping guide (see ethical shopping guide link) for Australian clothing companies.

Look for the No Sweatshop Label in Australian clothing.

maquilasolidarity contains some excellent resources on Canadian Retails (See the appropriate section).

cleanclothe's list of ethical clothes.

coopamerica´s details about sweatfree products.

Global Exchange´s online shop

Organic Consumer Association's links to organic and eco-friendly products.

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